Blog hop, #painting, a new #collective and moving …

Good morning!

© Linda Tieu

© Linda Tieu

Welcome to my first ever blog hop; this one between friends I’ve made during Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course. The second half of the course is going to start in October – it’s really going to challenge me at my busiest time of year but I am really looking forward to it. I’ve put a link to the next artist’s blog at the bottom of this page but if you can’t wait then hop over to Pavinee now ;

I love Mondays. If I’ve had the weekend away from work then I’m itching to get back to it. Somehow I have to squeeze in more experimental painting around all the ‘must do’s’. Since September 1st I’ve been taking part in Mati Rose Mcdonough’s ‘Daring Adventure’s in Paint and Life’. Here are a few images from the paintings I made just experimenting with fingers, brayer, pieces of card, scratching with my nails and grabbing the odd leaf to print with!

an abstract acrylic painting

© Gabriella Buckingham

At this point we are simply meant to be painting backgrounds, letting our intuition to guide us, in preparation for working into or over the work.

I’ve found there are some canvases that I simply love as they are, so the key thing for me is to accept that and be brave enough to work into the others that don’t feel resolved. I love that Mati is only encouraging, allowing us to do whatever we can manage in the time we have. There are inspiration gathering exercises too that I haven’t had time to do properly. Which is ok! I don’t feel bad about it!!:)

#paintings in the beginning stages by Gabriella Buckingham

Will paint on these two but here’s one I don’t want to paint over – at least not for now..

#painting by Gabriella Buckingham

and this one: to see more of my painting and illustration

© Gabriella Buckingham

Another great thing that has happened as a result of taking the MATS course is the creation of the Cultivate Art Collective  by fellow course taker Rachelle Panagarry, which I have joined. It will be great to see where this group goes both literally and in terms of career development. Several members are set on going to Surtex in New York in May 2014 – not for me this time, but in 2015. perhaps! It isn’t a closed group as far as I know so any interested artists should read about it all on the site. Although I am sure it will be finite so be quick!

I’ve also joined the Moyo Directory site full of wonderful designers and illustrators. This is my page, if you happen to like my work please click on the heart.

I still have much more daring to do but I am starting by going with my heart and announcing that I will be blogging on Blogger again from tomorrow. Of course I’d love to have a blog on all the available platforms but that would be slightly OTT don’t you think!?! I’m going to quietly put my head down and work my socks off. I’ve discovered amazing blogs through WordPress and will I’ll keep my account open to follow these. Find me here on my new blog.

Now please head over to my friend Pavinee’s wonderful blog and have a read, (you can also find her Etsy shop here) and thank you for visiting. HOP HOP HOP!

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