Garlic Mushrooms #makeartthatsells with @LillaRogers

This is my final repeat for ‘Bolt Fabric’ week, the first week with Lilla Rogers and her ‘Make Art That Sells’ course.


I hand drew all the elements and then used Illustrator for the first time to create an entire piece of work from my black and white drawings. I am so glad I invested in a course with Alma Loveland  and Nicole’s classes just to demystify it a bit. Plus – thanks to Rachael Taylor’s course notes on how to make a repeat in illustrator I was able to do that on Illustrator too. Then I copied it over to Photoshop to tile up and check how the repeat worked. I haven’t shown that here – but it did 🙂

Things I love about it are the yellow bowl, the little cap mushrooms with dotted line and my mushrooms in a platter; and the little salt cellar drawing – really lifted by the off white behind it. I am pleased with all the hand drawn elements really – of course they change quite a bit when you ‘Live Trace’ in Illustrator – I’ve learned how to fine tune the live trace options though so I turned down the default setting to about ‘1’ rather than 2; that made it a little truer to what I originally drew. If you are interested in seeing my original sketches do look at the previous post.

The hardest thing for me was the positioning of elements and spread of colours (once I’d decided to just work from drawings rather than paintings). When I put it into repeat I could see that the knife really jumps out so I would have just made the blade a steely grey and kept that background colour to small elements. The mushroom slice stands out too much on that colour for the same reason.

I think it looks more like a cookery book jacket!

Absolutely loving how Lilla teaches. I’ve been away for the weekend so had to be quicker for this project than I liked. There was a great video to watch on Friday that I missed with good pointers for our designing. I watched it last night though and it means that any future fabric designs I do will be approached more confidently. Wonderful video Lilla ( if you happen to read this ) thank you! Can’t wait for this weeks assignment.

Doodles and fun inspired by Lilla Rogers new book

I ordered Lilla Rogers new book before Christmas and it arrived this week – yipee! It’s just what I needed to spur me on. It’s uplifting, lighthearted, motivating, to the point and practical without being heavy going. Visually it’s a delight of course and its FUN. Something I need 🙂 I particularly love the tiny tarot at the end which I’ve already made my own version of and put in a pot I made at ceramics class years ago!


I carved out some time for myself not doing my hand painted orders (you do need a break sometimes!) to play. Ages ago I’d painted a yellow background on wood and a few coloured circles. I saw it lying on the side in the studio and decided to play with it adding more to it.


This led to designing a card for a friend with it.. and then I did another and put it in my Etsy shop inkpaintpaper.

Next I painted a couple of small background patterns, sketched a rabbit baby and designed some new baby cards.


One set large and personalisable (available at Moobaacluck on the other two are smaller simply with “It’s a girl!” and “It’s a boy!” on the front. Find them in my Etsy shop too.

Hope you like them! And thank you Lilla 🙂

Work in progress #ippweeklycreate

Today’s Photoshop background collage of the single sketch made in #ippdailydraw – this is a 45cm repeat but just the first stage. I used Illustrator to Live Trace and imported the sketch to Photoshop.

So far I see this as a potential fabric design, it looks quite Chintzy!!

I carried on… and this is what I ended up with last night.

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I can see mistakes in lining up in this close up and the whole thing looks rather confusing but believe it or not I feel I’ve learned something and considering this whole design is made up of just one sketch I don’t think it’s a bad result. For a professional job I’d do it very differently!

© Gabriella Buckingham – this shows the 45cm repeat

© Gabriella Buckingham – this shows how it might look as a fabric design but the actual print would be quite large not as ditsy ..

So there you have it. I might now go right back to the beginning and do something with a coloured background. Then again I may find I have to leave this experiment here.

What do you think so far?

This was the original sketch for those that didn’t see it:

© Gabriella Buckingham