#ippdailydraw Birkenstocks – drawing of

Looking down on my empty shoes

I’ve had a  busy day, workwise and found that it was 7.15pm before I felt I really had to stop painting Moobaacluck commissons and draw something! Panic. Not the best drawing but I am pleased that I managed to get back on track with the daily draw.  The photo below shows the commissions painted this afternoon which I will varnish before breakfast – ribbon up and pack to post later on Thursday.

Copyright – Gabriella Buckingham – Moobaacluck.

This represents about half of my workload today – fortunately my husband went to the post office for me with those I’d finished just after lunch.  I’m meant to be going to Holt tomorrow to meet up with two or possibly three tweeters for cake and tea.  I still need to paint a rabbit, a pirate bear star, and another butterfly doorhanger to post tomorrow. I’m trying to get ahead of myself so that I can get out with the family on Friday too – to the dentist and on the hunt for the elusive summer dress that my daughter will like!!

Wish me luck