Sketch book and a memory

A year ago our ancient Rhubarb flowered and has just done so again. Apparently this is bad for the rhubarb – or rather is an indication of its great age. I don’t mind. The seeds are stunning.

I love these colours and the voluptuous almost heart shaped form of the seeds. I came out to my summerhouse at 9pm last night and stayed out for an hour or so drawing and painting until the gloom was too strong to see. Daily sketching is proving too much of a challenge but I am determined not to be hard on myself. I have many commitments.

watercolour and ink line

Holding a single seed reveals the three sided shape that must, I suppose help the seed fly through the air like tiny propellers. Interesting shapes that will lend themselves to patterns.

there are two shapes here that I will play with

I used to be very good at watercolour. Going through my box of past work I came across two Rosentiels catalogues in which my work appeared in the late 1990s. It’s so important to me to explore my capabilities without worrying to much that it all hangs together. Not easy! If you’re an artist I’d love to know how you deal with this one.

You can see my maiden name ‘Baldwin-Purry’ under the images.

The funny thing about these – now quite dated images – they appeared on the walls of Jim Macdonalds’ house in ‘Coronation Street’ on ITV before a house fire story line. My work has also appeared on BBC three times to my knowledge once in Eastenders – I did a portrait of one of the main characters in the early 1990s and as a house portrait in’One Foot in The Grave and in ‘Monarch of the Glen’. This is mainly due to the fact that a flatmate of mine, at the time, had a blossoming career in TV (she still does I believe). Thanks Jo !

My favourite of the six images