#ippdailydraw – After Dinner sketch. The last one of August.

Here’s my last sketch of August. I can feel the seasons change today too.

It’s the last day of #ippdailydraw 😦 I haven’t done a momentous final piece – it’s a loose scratchy observation of the dinner table and a brief look at my daughter before she finished her food.

I found my ink pen! But I wonder if I’ve ruined it pulling over the page… it doesn’t flow so easily and I have to press quite hard.

How successful was the project  – drawing every day for a month? I definitely feel that I am less daunted by drawing and believe it or not less judge mental about my own work. I worry less about the result and more about whether I feel a true interest in or love for what I am depicting. Certain subjects were energising and are the start of new things!:)   That’s why I am looking forward to going back through this month’s sketches and developing a small body of work or a single piece inspired by one of these sketches each week in September ( #ippweeklycreate) You can read all about that here.

What did you get out of it? Do send me your favourite drawing or drawings if you can’t choose and I will aim to have the showcase up on Monday or Sunday. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline as I will add you later in the week.

The hache tag #ippdailydraw will still be there for any one to add to in the future! I’d like to know your opinions as to whether I keep the current Flickr group open – and would you be likely to continue the odd drawing and add it to the group? Or would it be best to start-up a new general one?

Thanks for taking part – it’s been inspiring X

#ippdailydraw August 29th 2012 -my studio plus notice of opportunity

Here’s my attempt for today – which I partially like… it’s another section of my summerhouse studio. Read on for information about the ippdailydraw opportunity…

I thought it would be really nice to have a showcase page on my blog of one piece of work from each person who has taken part in ippdailydraw with a link to a website of your choice and a couple of sentences about you underneath the image. With that in mind – if you’ve taken part, please be thinking what your favourite two pieces might be. Assuming you want to join in – entirely optional.

Then over the weekend ( I will be in London on Saturday) send me a couple of choices by email with your details so that I can chose one for my site – oh the power!!  I know not everyone is a tweeter so I will try to alert the Flickr group but hopefully they will see this blog too. I don’t want to put my email up here but you can either DM me on Twitter or contact me through Moobaacluck.com “get in touch” – i’ll reply and you can email me your images. I am not really power crazed so if there is one image that you really want me to use you can just send me that 🙂

Also I am pondering on a less time demanding but still fun or interesting project for September. I’ll let you know when I’ve decided on something and hopefully some of you and some new people will want to join in. I’d be doing another showcase for this and all future projects too.

Only two days left!!

#ippdailydraw August 28th 2012

Hmm. This was really tough… I had a headache on and off all day and had been away from home all afternoon killing time in the hope that my wood cutter would return home so I could collect the latest batch of Moobaacluck pieces!!He did thank goodness – he returned 10 mins before I’d decided to start up the camper and take the children home. I’d bought them Mars bars (other choc sugar caramel bars are available), visited the nearest library, watched a hedgehog and played in the park in the hope that Les would return. Phew. So the indulgent drawing afternoon I’d hoped for didn’t happen! I wanted to use my Waterman ink pen too.. but could I find it?

Three Clocks – ©Gabriella Buckingham – Pencil

I used one of the children’s pencils and found myself scratching away.. This reminded me of a still life task at school so not exactly progression!! I love the large wind up clock; I found this in a second hand shop in Amsterdam many years ago B.C.  (before children) It has a gorgeous peacock blue face. You’ll have to imagine that.

Night night x