The end . . . and fresh starts.


At last! I’ve come to the end of the pile of orders had to be posted before tomorrow and I finished a day earlier than I’d expected! I secretly hoped I would as I wanted to be able to fully relax tonight as I am off out to the Gunton Arms   to meet up with three girlfriends to talk business. Sort of. It’s our Christmas party 🙂

We’ve set up a bijou business group to give each other support. So far we have two analytical types and two creative types so there’s a good balance.

I love this time of year because it although I am so very tired from all the late nights and early mornings working in the last 6 weeks I have a huge sense of achievement and every year feel ready for a change. Out with the old in with the new. Plans are afoot and it will involve a massive amount of work on my part and a clear head but I am determined. Somehow I have to find time to tackle the garden too, so it resembles less of a wasteland.

I left Instagram and Facebook today. I’m going to see how life is without Facebook for at least 6 months to a year, I know I will miss a lot of people but many of them are on Twitter or I could actually  see or phone in 2013!  This was prompted by their now retracted ‘new’ terms in which they seemed to claim that unless you deleted your Instagram account by Jan 16th then you were granting them rights to all your photos. I really dislike this high-handed careless way “they” (they being Facebook who now own Instagram) go about things. So although this is retracted now I feel disgruntled and don’t feel inclined to let them store anymore of my messages, interactions and photos. When you die what happens to all that? It stays in their archives. I think that might change in their future, what a minefield storing people’s virtual lives forever! I want to be involved in real life this year.

I used to feel slightly incredulous at friends who weren’t on Facebook and now I think they are the clever ones ;).

Wishing you all a wonderful relaxing Christmas with a sprinkling of friends and a huge dose of love, Gabs



#ippdailydraw and craft fair August 12th

Well as this is the last day of the Olympics I didn’t expect the craft fair at Mannington Hall to be busy but honestly it was so quiet I was able to have a conversation for an hour and a half with a fellow stall holder without interruption! Never mind, the people in my space were lovely – they all knew each other from the Norfolk craft fair circuit and Brian – he of the birds below, is going to send me a list of  craft fairs that he rates. Which is kind of him 🙂

The sketch is duff today!

fellow #ipp ers – we all have off days.

The next few images give you a flavour of my stall and the general absence of people!!

This Brian Slaytor and makes and  sells these gorgeous birds at craft fairs throughout Norfolk

I took the suitcase from the top of my wardrobe to display some of my wares. It looked lovely – but the only thing rummaged through was the bargain box of Phoenix cards. Of which I sold 3 😉 for a pound each

I more than halved my usual prices (on stock only – not the personalised things) and didn’t sell any of it. It wasn’t the right audience. The only genuine fan customer I had was my friend Helen, also the fantastic chef of the Greedy Goose at Mannington Hall who bought this daisy bunting. These take a whole day  to make – actually longer if you factor in cutting out the wood. They cost £29.50 and I have one left. I love them but they are bonkers as a retail item. If you factor in time you make a loss really! So if any of you want the one remaining at that price with free delivery let me know!

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012

This was the average customer level !:)

And finally …

I deliberately deleted the price I charged for these as I wonder if you’d like to guess? I didn’t sell any but a craft shop owner came in and said what a good idea and would I supply her… so we will see. What price would you expect to pay?

Answers below please! I am going to put together a few kits for sale on my site and with instructions and ideas for decoration. I wonder if that is the environment needed?  I think it is 🙂

#ippdailydraw August 11th – biro drawing

I have masses to do today but seem to be rooted in bed with a cup of tea. Today I have orders to paint and a picnic to go to…

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I squeezed this drawing in just after finishing the orders. I used to draw with biro throughout my childhood – usually fashion drawings! This biro was blobby and the surface was a single sheet of paper over a bumpy table.

Tomorrow I am going to Mannington Hall to set up stall as Moobaacluck for their craft day…so there is all the preparation to do for that. It’s been a very busy week order wise which means I have’t been able to do anything new for the show but I still have quite a lot of stock. If I sell some of that and meet some new customers I will be happy. Plus there is a wonderful cafe there called The Greedy Goose run by my friend Helen. Maybe she’ll sneak me a cake;)