Two new everyday greeting cards for the Gabriella Buckingham range

A short post this one. I did promise myself that I would do some designing yesterday and I’d written the words for these designs months ago.


I am  pleased with the simplicity of one of them and the intricacy of the other. I hand drew the border for the one below with a dip pen before colouring the design in on the ‘puter.


In addition I have also finally realised how to make sure that for some designs I can print to the edge! I was trying desperately to configure my Canon printer to print without a white border. A few months ago I ‘won’ a great German guillotine in an ebay auction and I am simply carefully cutting individual cards down from 150 mm to 12.5mm. Genius eh. Takes me a Of course I have to be very careful with the lining up but a  little thing like this is a bit of a breakthrough!  I produce everything I make myself and knowing I can now do this makes me very happy. Of course as my business grows I will need to find a very good printer to replicate what I do but until then – sorted!


If you can recommend a good printer of short digital runs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincs or Cambridgeshire please let me know.

Both these cards will be available on Etsy shortly.

Developing new Christmas designs . . .

I’ve just finalised the four designs mini gift wrap designs I have created for Moobaacluck. The next step will be to work out how best to offer it to people! Clearly it would be easier for me to print sets and have them ready to send out; but there is every possibility that someone would want 4 of only one design..

A glimpse of all four.

What do you think?

I deliberately used only one colour for each gift wrap design because as well as being ideal for wrapping small gifts, I think they would make great scrap booking or crafting papers. Very meticulous children or adults might enjoy colouring elements in!

These will be available shortly on and  – as soon as I’ve worked out the best scenario! I will sleep on it.

Joy – if you are reading this I will send you your set – I haven’t forgotten!!

Work in progress #ippweeklycreate

Today’s Photoshop background collage of the single sketch made in #ippdailydraw – this is a 45cm repeat but just the first stage. I used Illustrator to Live Trace and imported the sketch to Photoshop.

So far I see this as a potential fabric design, it looks quite Chintzy!!

I carried on… and this is what I ended up with last night.

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I can see mistakes in lining up in this close up and the whole thing looks rather confusing but believe it or not I feel I’ve learned something and considering this whole design is made up of just one sketch I don’t think it’s a bad result. For a professional job I’d do it very differently!

© Gabriella Buckingham – this shows the 45cm repeat

© Gabriella Buckingham – this shows how it might look as a fabric design but the actual print would be quite large not as ditsy ..

So there you have it. I might now go right back to the beginning and do something with a coloured background. Then again I may find I have to leave this experiment here.

What do you think so far?

This was the original sketch for those that didn’t see it:

© Gabriella Buckingham