#ippweeklycreate Monday 10th Sept

© Gabriella Buckingham Aug 9th 2012

This is the sketch I will be developing this week into a surface pattern; the end use of which I don’t know yet! I was very encouraged and inspired by the comments on this one in the Flickr group #ippdailydraw.

This is a busy week for me as I only have 4 days to work as its my grandfather’s funeral on Friday and there are Moobaacluck commissions to do of course; and my husband is away today and tomorrow so I won’t have him around to take over the school run etc! I like a challenge but I won’t be hard on myself if I only manage something simple.

Have a good week x

Budding artists

My children both came to me proudly showing me a couple of sketches they made this afternoon while I was blogging and ‘working’;. And there I had been thinking that they wouldn’t want me to blog their pictures but I was wrong.

This is the last picture Elliot did in the woods this morning – one in which he enjoyed looking at the subject while he drew as much as possible. I love it.

This is Freya’s drawing of the kitchen that I had no idea she was doing – it made gasp when she showed it to me. Well done my lovely.

Freya is actually aged 7 years … bad mother!! she is 8 in a month’s time.. I always think they are closer in age than they are!


And this is Elliot’s kitchen sketch. I know I am their mother but having seen other drawings they’ve both done in the past I like to think they’ve got talent 🙂

They both inspire me.