#ippweeklycreate Monday 10th Sept

© Gabriella Buckingham Aug 9th 2012

This is the sketch I will be developing this week into a surface pattern; the end use of which I don’t know yet! I was very encouraged and inspired by the comments on this one in the Flickr group #ippdailydraw.

This is a busy week for me as I only have 4 days to work as its my grandfather’s funeral on Friday and there are Moobaacluck commissions to do of course; and my husband is away today and tomorrow so I won’t have him around to take over the school run etc! I like a challenge but I won’t be hard on myself if I only manage something simple.

Have a good week x


Doodle online with Scribbler Too | How About Orange

I discovered this unusual application on Pinterest just now! Then tracked back to this link to find out more:

Doodle online with Scribbler Too | How About Orange.

What an intriguing application.. I haven’t tried this yet but Scribbler Too looks like a lot of fun and probably turns an average sketch into something special. Until of course everyone is doing it!

bird-by-Sandra-Strait.gif (400×261)

this bird image is by Sandra Kay Strait and you can see her original post about using Scribbler Too here

#ippdailydraw August 5th 2012

Tired tonight – wonderful walk through woodland and golden wheatfields with friends and their children -uplifting! Here’s a wonky bottle done with a fiber tip drawing pen – tomorrow is another day. Still I quite like it’s quirkyness.


And here’s one of the views from the walk I did today.

It was a circular 4 mile walk – possibly a bit longer.. from Overstrand in North Norfolk down through North Repps and back. This church tower peeping over the wheat – a bit like a fairy castle in the distance – made me smile. I’d like to paint it. In fact I saw so much this morning cried out “paint me! go on”