#ippdailydraw – August 9th – Across the garden at dusk

© Gabriella Buckingham Aug 9th 2012

I sat down on top of a giant fabric frisbee next to the rabbits and looked across at the main flower bed. The Knautia (Macedonica?) is flowering, leaning – 7ft tall in places – and has pale pinky-brown button buds  opening to small fluffy pale yellow punctuations against the sky. I used my Waterman ink pen and I’d just changed the cartridge – the ink didn’t flow as easily as it had with the earring and the mustard tin I drew earlier in the week. It was scratchy but that meant there were bonus lighter lines, adding variety!
There was an autumnal feel to the garden this morning. I snapped a few photos, of which this is my favourite:

© Gabriella Buckingham


These are a few things I did last week – before I had any printing tools! I wanted to do something different but it didn’t turn out that way… although I did learn something 🙂


Inspired by Hellebore picture in Country Living

What I like looking at these pictures now is the black and white element – a large blow up pattern like shape extracted from looking really closely at the pollen grains in the picture; and I like the water-colour acrylic sketch with its little curly quirks.

copyright – Gabriella Buckingham 2012 – acrylic sketch

I loved exploring just the one flower – although I had an idea for a card…( I really did try to forget about being commercial but force of habit etc!!) I found that once I’d painted the hellebore at the top I lost interest in painting the rest of the floral wreath. I’d already designed it in my mind and it seemed old-fashioned – in this style at least, like something I’d have done 15 years ago. It’s more the style than the colours or idea. I like the Autumn colours.

copyright – Gabriella Buckingham 2012- painted on wood


copyright – Gabriella Buckingham – almost wreath 2012

Experiments are never a waste of time, even though it can feel like that at the time!