#ippdailydraw Monday August 20th

© Gabriella Buckingham Sunflowers at the bottom of the garden at dusk

This is approximately A5 and I probably spent 30-45 mins on it until I needed to come inside and say goodnight to the children; just as well as it was becoming difficult to see. I used a Uni Pin Fine Line pen – 0.8. I like these pens although you do have to be concious of how you hold it, if you tilt it too much then no mark shows. It’s a pen you have to hold almost upright – unlike a pencil.


#ippdailydraw 16th + 17th August Sketch of part of my garden, a painting and two drawings of my son.

Where on earth did this week go?!

This was the view from just outside my summer house at the end of the working day – i.e. just before the family’s evening meal of fish fingers, home grown potatoes- and runner beans – was served up.

© Gabriella Buckingham

© Gabriella Buckingham 2010

this does actually look like him – as far as it goes ;

I also tried to catch Elliot but he is such a fidget.. this one is him in the bath and this one is him as he listens to a story being read:

Elliot from another angle. ©Gabriella Buckingham

#ippdailydraw – August 9th – Across the garden at dusk

© Gabriella Buckingham Aug 9th 2012

I sat down on top of a giant fabric frisbee next to the rabbits and looked across at the main flower bed. The Knautia (Macedonica?) is flowering, leaning – 7ft tall in places – and has pale pinky-brown button buds  opening to small fluffy pale yellow punctuations against the sky. I used my Waterman ink pen and I’d just changed the cartridge – the ink didn’t flow as easily as it had with the earring and the mustard tin I drew earlier in the week. It was scratchy but that meant there were bonus lighter lines, adding variety!
There was an autumnal feel to the garden this morning. I snapped a few photos, of which this is my favourite:

© Gabriella Buckingham