The first of a new little collection of gift wrap

I designed this last night and it will be available along with another two designs when I release my new Christmas collection in my Etsy shop inkpaintpaper, in my notonthehighstreet  shop and of course in . Just those 3 shops! Plenty eh?  ( not sure about these link colours… I can’t quite fathom why they are not either all purple or all blue?!) Do you?

There’s something unusual about the gift wrap which may or may not be a winner.

I’ll reveal that once I’ve done the other designs!:) But if you want to guess I’ll send you some if you are right!

I hope my customers like it.

What do you think?


Well, here I am challenging myself to create something a little bit special in terms of a blog. More on that when I have worked out how to change the css to achieve brown text. I seem to have conquered part of it but not the black type in the margin on the right. If you’re a whizz with CSS please shout if you think you know which bits of the CSS I need to tackle!

News flash: I have just produced my own wrapping paper that is currently for sale only in my shop while I build my new illustration and stationery shop at

I call this design “Circus Spiral” because the colours and patterns conjure up images of the whirling circus tents and characters. It was a joy to design as a purely abstract spontaneous pattern.