Developing new Christmas designs . . .

I’ve just finalised the four designs mini gift wrap designs I have created for Moobaacluck. The next step will be to work out how best to offer it to people! Clearly it would be easier for me to print sets and have them ready to send out; but there is every possibility that someone would want 4 of only one design..

A glimpse of all four.

What do you think?

I deliberately used only one colour for each gift wrap design because as well as being ideal for wrapping small gifts, I think they would make great scrap booking or crafting papers. Very meticulous children or adults might enjoy colouring elements in!

These will be available shortly on and  – as soon as I’ve worked out the best scenario! I will sleep on it.

Joy – if you are reading this I will send you your set – I haven’t forgotten!!


Card designs

I’m taking part in a school fete on Saturday and it will be the first time I will be showing a small selection of “inkpaintpaper” cards , postcards and wrap.

This is one of the cards that I have just finished. I haven’t mastered the ability to print edge to edge on the computer with these cards. I know how to do it for postcards as there seems to be the perfect format for those ( 2L) but not 12.5 cm square cards so white borders or floating images it has to be!

Here’s a favourite of mine that went down very well with a male friend last week:

©Gabriella Buckingham 2012

A postcard design for sewing crafters

A drawing turned into a pattern. ©Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I love this one. What do you call those little cardboard things on which cotton is wound?

The only snag with this design is that printed out in either RGB or CMYK on my very state of the art printer the postcard comes out with a softer paler warmer pink.

Still nice though:) Part of that will be the creamy paper I’m using from  G F Smith. Next experiment – snow-white paper!