Entertaining Children with Potato Prints in the Summer Holidays

I hope you are having a fun time entertaining your children in the summer holidays! I always have Mondays alone with the children and look forward to no work days ( if I’ve caught up the day before!) so that I can relax and just enjoy the day with them. After a morning out yesterday in Holt plundering charity shops and buying some chips to eat on the journey home I set up my kitchen table for painting and potato printing fun with my son and daughter.

I cut out a leaf from a potato and a star. The star was fairly pants but we liked the leaf! Freya did a thumb print portrait which she didn’t want me to look at until it was dry. Not sure if it was of me or her!

I concentrated on lino printing.. although ‘concentrated’ is probably not the most apt word as you can see! I made the classic mistake of cutting lettering the right way round so that it was back to front when I printed it! DOH .. I had enough room below to do it properly and I quite like the pattern like effect you get. This makes me think what fun it would be to create a textile design entirely the wrong way round – make a skirt and then if you happened to be in front of a mirror – only then might people know what it says or that it says anything at all! Must have been done;))

My son did a great job with the leaf print!

© Elliot Buckingham – age 9 – 2012

I was surprised I liked doing lino print; I hadn’t done anything like that since I was a child and I think the forward planning involved doesn’t come so naturally to me:) As a painter primarily I suppose you enjoy the immediate most.

I have a whole collection of cutters now so I will have to investigate further how each cuts and write about that. I imagine there will be some I love and some I don’t use much. We’ll see.

Happy holidays!


Little artists

I’ve just put some sketches that I did on holiday on the blog Inkpaintpaper.com but here are the two budding artists at work in the Spanish heat on our last day – yesterday!! I have drawers full of their artworks – they are an inspiration to me. I am sure they will love seeing their own work when they’re adults – I know I would have!

Holiday sketches

I bought a new sketch book for the holiday but it wasn’t really until near the end of the holiday that I got a chance to get it out. I think when you’re having a family holiday it’s quite hard to be sketching for any length of time! But on the last day we didn’t go far from our house and were under no obligation to travel anywhere or spend a long time eating – much as I love that.

After swimming in this pool I fished out my sketch book and my children soon asked for their own sheets!

I’m used to painting so this approach seemed slow and it’s not what you’d call a tonal piece, but I did really enjoy picking out coloured pencils and just really seeing and noticing my surroundings, which you just don’t unless you draw or sit and really look around you. Nothing beats drawing for actually seeing.

A few of the other sketches I managed to fit in:

I will set myself a challenge to draw something from life every day – even if it’s just something tiny and mundane. I know I will enjoy it and then it will become a habit. I can’t promise to post everyday though. That really would be a chore!

I took lots of photographs of the amazing flowers in Spain and we were lucky enough to visit a tropical butterfly ‘farm’ – I could have spent hours there – despite it feeling like a sauna. I’ve never seen moths the size of a pair of ladies hands before – among other beautiful sites. I used up my camera memory in there 🙂 Inspiring material for pattern design.