Week 2 #makeartthatsells with @lillarogers – Pods and Flowers

I decided to challenge myself in a different way this week. Years ago I was fairly good at water-colour. One of my first jobs on leaving college was to paint in front of a camera all day while my work was photographed for a ‘How to paint’ water-colour book by Dorling Kindersley. I’d be nervous of that now! ( I’ve never earned that much in one day before or since 😉


Last week I drew in brown ink and then used Illustrator to finish the piece. Something very VERY new to me. Normally I work in acrylic on gesso.

This week I’ve decided to use inks in a watercolour style and Photoshop to finish the piece off in layers but essentially all hand done. We don’t yet have the brief but it’s likely to be some sort of dinner ware  that we need to design a pattern for. I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out.


When I started using inks again, for the first time in years really, I felt uncomfortable and started to panic a bit .. ‘Should I stop and revert to acrylics and use those in a watercolour style…?’ ( which is what I used to do all those years ago when I graduated from Kingston Poly (as it was then). Are the images I am making too simple – too old fashioned, too bright? too plain?!

what started to excite me was the white space and some of the lines created with the square flat brush I used to paint this large forget me not.. You can't see it that well from these phone pics!

what started to excite me was the white space and some of the lines created with the square flat brush I used to paint this large forget me not.. You can’t see it that well from these phone pics!

I decided to stick with it and found my excitement growing. I’ll carry on tomorrow as I am starting to find out what I like. It’s so true that the only way to be happy with your art- work is to do lots of it. I’ve a long way to go to get back and then progress from where I was but as I often say “It’s a start!”

This is a glimpse of my cram packed studio and inspiration gathered from my garden..


As you can see from this last image of my desk and the piece of paper I’ve been using as a surface for my scraps of water-colour, I have a cartoony style in me too. Makes for head spin!


I am going to get an early night tonight as I was up working til gone midnight on private commissions  – itching to get back to water colours in the morning and to read what Lilla has in store.

#ippdailydraw A simple one

Busy painting today – bank holidays don’t mean a lot to me! I’ve been gleaning so much from various pod casts and blogs lately. Nothing earth shattering but just things that have inspired me to get on with things.  I’m a bit tired though as I went full tilt at my moobaacluck website until late last night and started again early this morning. I took the photos for the front page in my shed using my husband’s camera ( handy;) and then just got stuck in. Still SO much to sort out and in an ideal world I’d do all the photography again but that will have to wait.

Anyway – back to the subject. I was casting about for something to draw that wasn’t too simple and yet wouldn’t take me that long – hmmm not the right attitude Gabs! Decided to draw this as I love it and it just has quite an odd, yet pleasing shape. The pattern is orange so try to imagine that. It was another charity shop find and looks like something I grew up with in the 1970s – oh yes. I am that old – quite young really;


I’ll be spending this evening packing orders that have to go out tomorrow so there isn’t much time.. and I have to concoct some sort of beany lentil type vegetarian food to eat soon. I’ll try a more involved drawing tomorrow – depending how the day goes. Hope most of you are having the day off!

#ippdailydraw 23rd August – Studies of a tiny cone and some holly leaves

I am sure I missed a post this week – or rather a drawing on Tuesday so this will have to make up for that!

©Gabriella Buckingham 2012

However today was a busy day in charge of 2 then 4 children and only got my son settled at 8.45pm so no time to do a fresh drawing tonight. These are some studies I did earlier in the week but thought they were too poor to show. But they are what they are as fellow ipp’er Celia said to me about another drawing 🙂 Cones are so tricky to draw! Coincidentally @marion _taylor drew some today that show how carefully she looked.

© Gabriella Buckingham 2012