Entertaining Children with Potato Prints in the Summer Holidays

I hope you are having a fun time entertaining your children in the summer holidays! I always have Mondays alone with the children and look forward to no work days ( if I’ve caught up the day before!) so that I can relax and just enjoy the day with them. After a morning out yesterday in Holt plundering charity shops and buying some chips to eat on the journey home I set up my kitchen table for painting and potato printing fun with my son and daughter.

I cut out a leaf from a potato and a star. The star was fairly pants but we liked the leaf! Freya did a thumb print portrait which she didn’t want me to look at until it was dry. Not sure if it was of me or her!

I concentrated on lino printing.. although ‘concentrated’ is probably not the most apt word as you can see! I made the classic mistake of cutting lettering the right way round so that it was back to front when I printed it! DOH .. I had enough room below to do it properly and I quite like the pattern like effect you get. This makes me think what fun it would be to create a textile design entirely the wrong way round – make a skirt and then if you happened to be in front of a mirror – only then might people know what it says or that it says anything at all! Must have been done;))

My son did a great job with the leaf print!

© Elliot Buckingham – age 9 – 2012

I was surprised I liked doing lino print; I hadn’t done anything like that since I was a child and I think the forward planning involved doesn’t come so naturally to me:) As a painter primarily I suppose you enjoy the immediate most.

I have a whole collection of cutters now so I will have to investigate further how each cuts and write about that. I imagine there will be some I love and some I don’t use much. We’ll see.

Happy holidays!