A little fun project # Moobaacluck

What do you think of these?


I’ve taken my rabbit character and turned him into a keyring or bag fob; my daughter asked for a mushroom so I thought I’d make one of those too. The shapes arrived chez Moobaacluck today so these are my prototypes. I might fiddle with how I paint the mushroom, perhaps this is an instance where judicious use of spraying would be a good idea! Those holes are a little tricky!! Can you think of someone who might like one? I’d love to know which is your favourite of the two and why..

If the weather is fine I will photograph them for my shop which I am determined to open again on my own site by October 1st – it’s a challenge but I have realised that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I can put things up like little jewels sparkling one by one until the whole casket gleams. ;



These are a few things I did last week – before I had any printing tools! I wanted to do something different but it didn’t turn out that way… although I did learn something 🙂


Inspired by Hellebore picture in Country Living

What I like looking at these pictures now is the black and white element – a large blow up pattern like shape extracted from looking really closely at the pollen grains in the picture; and I like the water-colour acrylic sketch with its little curly quirks.

copyright – Gabriella Buckingham 2012 – acrylic sketch

I loved exploring just the one flower – although I had an idea for a card…( I really did try to forget about being commercial but force of habit etc!!) I found that once I’d painted the hellebore at the top I lost interest in painting the rest of the floral wreath. I’d already designed it in my mind and it seemed old-fashioned – in this style at least, like something I’d have done 15 years ago. It’s more the style than the colours or idea. I like the Autumn colours.

copyright – Gabriella Buckingham 2012- painted on wood


copyright – Gabriella Buckingham – almost wreath 2012

Experiments are never a waste of time, even though it can feel like that at the time!

Task for this weekend

My task this weekend is to paint this for the school fete next Friday. Children will be throwing bean bags through it. My friend Richard cut it out and kindly started it off by giving it a couple of coats of emulsion. We discussed all sorts of rudery for the images around the holes 🙂 but it will be a very wholesome pattern based board. 
Now a spot of gentle stretching is in order before I get started on it – I’ve been hunched over painting a lot this week and have a stiff neck threatening. I did almost promise Amy from Chambers and Beau that if she went for a run I would… I may have to swap that for lots of stretching and yoga-ing instead. She’s unlikely to read this 😉
I’ll post the result here early next week. Deadlines are good.
Here is the finished result! Up early on Sunday morning July 1st to finish it off 🙂
© Gabriella Buckingham 2012