Inspirational Design Books

Finding inspiration within the pages of books isn’t hard. Creating something you are pleased with is harder!

A great inspirational book for when I want to start investigating print making!

I’ve discovered several books in the last few days, a couple in my
local library mutely waiting for me to pull them out and the others on
the third floor of The Book Hive in Norwich.

These are the books the other books that inspired me to get cracking, the first one is simply a visual treat that makes me want to reorganise my house ( not tricky to make me want to do that!!) In fact we have put shelves up in the kitchen and anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I felt extremely happy arranging things on them last week!

Creative Walls – How to display and enjoy your treasured collections – by Geraldine James, published by Cico Books

see more about this book on this blog 

Printing By Hand – a modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils and Silk Screens by Lena Corwin an STC Craft/Melanie Falick Book

Cover of "Printing by Hand: A Modern Guid...

Cover via Amazon

Patterns by Drusilla Cole

Print Workshop – hand printing techniques + truly original projects by Christine Schmidt of the Yellow Owl Workshop

All visual treats and in the case of the two print books – both extremely practical. I think that I will try to interest my children in printing experiments at various points over the next 6 weeks. There are plenty of new things for us all to learn.

I am just going to enjoy these books and allow myself to play a bit when I can between orders for Moobaacluck and family duties over the school holidays.

I’ve been to an art shop in Norwich and bought a set of lino tools with my son in tow.. I don’t think I’ll let him loose on cutting though!! Printing will be ok though. I’m quite keen on getting the potatoes out!


A postcard design for sewing crafters

A drawing turned into a pattern. ©Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I love this one. What do you call those little cardboard things on which cotton is wound?

The only snag with this design is that printed out in either RGB or CMYK on my very state of the art printer the postcard comes out with a softer paler warmer pink.

Still nice though:) Part of that will be the creamy paper I’m using from  G F Smith. Next experiment – snow-white paper!