A postcard design for sewing crafters

A drawing turned into a pattern. ©Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I love this one. What do you call those little cardboard things on which cotton is wound?

The only snag with this design is that printed out in either RGB or CMYK on my very state of the art printer the postcard comes out with a softer paler warmer pink.

Still nice though:) Part of that will be the creamy paper I’m using from  G F Smith. Next experiment – snow-white paper!

Designing patterns and postcards

My great granny’s tea cup – a postcard design

Today, I have at last started putting together a small collection of greeting cards and postcards.

I’m making a set of 8 postcards  – 4 designs. This is one that I possibly need to play around with a lot more!

What is your instant reaction on seeing it?

The cup actually is this colour…which of course would have been extremely practical!