#ippdailydraw – After Dinner sketch. The last one of August.

Here’s my last sketch of August. I can feel the seasons change today too.

It’s the last day of #ippdailydraw ūüė¶ I haven’t done a momentous final piece – it’s a loose scratchy observation of the dinner table and a brief look at my daughter before she finished her food.

I found my ink pen! But I wonder if I’ve ruined it pulling over the page… it doesn’t flow so easily and I have to press quite hard.

How successful was the project¬† – drawing every day for a month? I definitely feel that I am less daunted by drawing and believe it or not less judge mental about my own work. I worry less about the result and more about whether I feel a true interest in or love for what I am depicting. Certain subjects were energising and are the start of new things!:) ¬† That’s why I am looking forward to going back through this month’s sketches and developing a small body of work or a single piece inspired by one of these sketches each week in September ( #ippweeklycreate) You can read all about that here.

What did you get out of it? Do send me your favourite drawing or drawings if you can’t choose and I will aim to have the showcase up on Monday or Sunday. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline as I will add you later in the week.

The hache tag #ippdailydraw will still be there for any one to add to in the future! I’d like to know your opinions as to whether I keep the current Flickr group open – and would you be likely to continue the odd drawing and add it to the group? Or would it be best to start-up a new general one?

Thanks for taking part – it’s been inspiring X


#ippdailydraw Monday August 20th

© Gabriella Buckingham Sunflowers at the bottom of the garden at dusk

This is approximately A5 and I probably spent 30-45 mins on it until I needed to come inside and say goodnight to the children; just as well as it was becoming difficult to see. I used a Uni Pin Fine Line pen – 0.8. I like these pens although you do have to be concious of how you hold it, if you tilt it too much then no mark shows. It’s a pen you have to hold almost upright – unlike a pencil.

#ippdailydraw Saturday 18th August

I thought I’d try something really tricky and it did prove to be. Although I had planned to work it was such a roasting day that we went to the beach for a swim then back out to a river this afternoon for a cooler shady dip with fishes swimming around our feet!

© Gabriella Buckingham Could do better ;

I attempted to draw a couple of stout ladies at the beach today but they were fidgeting a lot . . .

Stout lady chatting to sunbathing friend, a fibre tip scribble. © Gabriella Buckingham