#ippdailydraw August 28th 2012

Hmm. This was really tough… I had a headache on and off all day and had been away from home all afternoon killing time in the hope that my wood cutter would return home so I could collect the latest batch of Moobaacluck pieces!!He did thank goodness – he returned 10 mins before I’d decided to start up the camper and take the children home. I’d bought them Mars bars (other choc sugar caramel bars are available), visited the nearest library, watched a hedgehog and played in the park in the hope that Les would return. Phew. So the indulgent drawing afternoon I’d hoped for didn’t happen! I wanted to use my Waterman ink pen too.. but could I find it?

Three Clocks – ©Gabriella Buckingham – Pencil

I used one of the children’s pencils and found myself scratching away.. This reminded me of a still life task at school so not exactly progression!! I love the large wind up clock; I found this in a second hand shop in Amsterdam many years ago B.C.  (before children) It has a gorgeous peacock blue face. You’ll have to imagine that.

Night night x


#ippdailydraw Sat/Sun 25th/26th August- One and a half drawings

I’m on a health kick – sort of – and drinking lemon juice everyday freshly made is part of it. It’s meant to be distilled water but I can’t bring myself to go quite that far as I’ve read worrying things about long term use. I suppose that’s the key though – if it’s just for a short time may be it would be o.k. Anyway it isn’t readily available here as far as I know so mountain water from a bottle will have to do for now!

This was so tough to draw!! I thought it would be, but I love the look of my old glass juicer, in real life I find it really pretty!

For some reason I seem to be attracted to using pen at the moment. I may have found pencil easier. I think it is one of those subjects I will draw and redraw. The shapes within the glass are amazing if you are really looking at it – like shades of grey marbling. I only scratched the surface and I would definitely say this is an unfinished piece and not my best work but I enjoyed the discovery of it and had to stop as the buzzer went on the oven and get the roast lunch finished.

Talking of which my first little warm up sketch was this egg timer below which I drew twice, it’s still a bit narrow and although there were plenty of shades of grey all over it – as it is brushed steel not glass I didn’t think it lent itself to being depicted with shading from a fibre tip pen so left it really simple. Which, after all, suits it. This is a section from my new sketch book – hence the holly leaves etc on the other side that I will be working on for my next experimental Christmas wrap!

Hope you are having a happy weekend x

#ippdailydraw Sunday 19th August

What a scorcher of a day again! However today I had to work in my studio – you can imagine how hot I get in there with 8 glass panes. Of course I flung open the doors but still! I was quite relieved to see thunder and lightening at about 2pm. I enjoyed sitting outside eating my lunch with the family being gently pelted by cool rain. I’d had a headache all morning from the heat and general brightness which lifted as soon as the brief storm came!

A seventies Flour Shaker – pencil and ink – ©Gabriella Buckingham

Casting about for something to draw I tackled this. I’ve drawn it several times but have never been satisfied with it. Always I find the little circular openings for the flour to fall from are easy to draw but the type is very tricky – especially as in real life it doesn’t line up and has an almost hand done appearance. Probably each letter was transferred like Letraset– if you’re over 35 you  know what I am referring to! Also handles – jugs, cups etc are always a challenge.

Throughout my day I’ve been listening to SmartCreativeWomen devised and hosted by illustrator and designer Monica Lee who I have recently found on Twitter. I am absolutely loving hearing what all Monica’s guests have to say. I’d thoroughly recommend working your way through the videos if you’re a creative type! I particularly enjoyed Tula Pink today and Sarah Jane Wright. The women interviewed are in various walks of creative life and all tell the story of how they arrived at their success. Inspiring stuff 🙂