#ippweeklycreate Which sketch did I chose?

I’ve chosen this sketch to develop into something by Friday as part of the #ippweeklycreate .

copyright Gabriella Buckingham

My aim is to show some of the working progress between now and then too. I intend to turn this into a repeat pattern probably sketching other elements and introducing colour in Photoshop. I have yet to learn Adobe Illustrator and think I need to get a book on it! I will be digging out  Rachael Taylor’s surface pattern course for the notes. I do find illustrator quite illogical but I suppose that’s like many technical things that are totally new to someone – er. Well some of you will be with me! If you have any good recommendations on books or courses that you found invaluable to learn Illustrator with please let me know in the comments!

So who is definitely joining me this week? #ippweeklycreate is making a new piece of work in any media you like or form you like from a sketch you’ve done before – whether from the daily drawing project or  a different drawing. Chose a drawing at the beginning of the week and post your result on Friday that week. You can read details of optional postings and some ideas on the ‘current project’ page of my blog

leave a comment if you can 🙂


A postcard design for sewing crafters

A drawing turned into a pattern. ©Gabriella Buckingham 2012

I love this one. What do you call those little cardboard things on which cotton is wound?

The only snag with this design is that printed out in either RGB or CMYK on my very state of the art printer the postcard comes out with a softer paler warmer pink.

Still nice though:) Part of that will be the creamy paper I’m using from  G F Smith. Next experiment – snow-white paper!


Well, here I am challenging myself to create something a little bit special in terms of a blog. More on that when I have worked out how to change the css to achieve brown text. I seem to have conquered part of it but not the black type in the margin on the right. If you’re a whizz with CSS please shout if you think you know which bits of the CSS I need to tackle!

News flash: I have just produced my own wrapping paper that is currently for sale only in my Moobaacluck.com shop while I build my new illustration and stationery shop at GabriellaBuckingham.com.

I call this design “Circus Spiral” because the colours and patterns conjure up images of the whirling circus tents and characters. It was a joy to design as a purely abstract spontaneous pattern.